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FDA Product Codes Query

FDA Product Codes Query



The FDA Product Codes Query allows you to make a query of the US Customs' Food and Drug Product Codes file to obtain Product Code information on a specific product code, industry, industry and class, or product number.

For query results, see the FDA Product Codes Report.

This query can be accessed from either the C/R Classifications Screen, the Quick Entry screen or from the ABI Query Selection Menu.



The table below describes the fields on the query screen.


Field Name

Data Entry


01 Priority

Press ENTER to accept the default priority of 4, or enter the priority level for the query.

The cursor moves to the Product Code field.

02 Product Code

Enter as much information of which you are certain.

When you are done, press ENTER.

Note: Your query results are limited by the data you enter in this field. To get more specific results, enter more information.

The cursor moves to the ACTION field.


Enter UR to update the fields and create the query file.

The query file is created and will be sent on the next ABI transmission.

The ABI Query Selection Menu displays.


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