How to Print 1099 Forms



TradePoint customers can print 1099 forms from the Alliance System.

To print 1099 forms, you must set up the following in the Vendor Auxiliary Maintenance program:

1.       The vendorsí IRS numbers (which willprint on the 1099) must be entered, and

2.       The 1099 switch must be set to Y to indicate you want to print a 1099 for the particular vendor.



To print 1099ís for your vendors at the end of the year, follow these steps.






Print the last batch of checks for the year and then run Daily Operations to update the final check data to accounting.

Printing the final batch of checks and running Daily Operations will update the check amounts to the Vendor Activity Totals. These vendor activity totals are the vendor amounts that will print on the 1099.

Warning: This final check batch CANNOT include any checks for the new year.


Go to the AP Check Reconciliation menu and run the Print 1099 Forms program.

This program will print your 1099 vendor information on the 1099 forms.

Warning: Make sure the 1099ís have printed out correct before proceeding.


Run the Vendor Activity Purge.

This will clear out the vendor figures and will reset the file for the new year.

Warning:Make sure the 1099ís have printed out correctly BEFORE purging the Vendor Activity file.

Vendor Auxiliary Maintenance screen:


Field Name

Data Entry


Vendor Code

Enter the vendor code.This code must be a valid code in the Vendor file.

The vendor code must already be set up in Vendor Maintenance.When you enter the code, the name and address will display on the screen.

7. IRS #

Enter the IRS number for the vendor.

The IRS number will print on the 1099 form.

10. 1099 Required Y/N

Enter Y to indicate you will be printing a 1099 form for this vendor at the end of the year. Skip the field or enter N if you will not be printing 1099ís for this vendor.

This is the switch which indicates that you will be printing 1099ís for this vendor.


How to Print the 1099 Forms


Print 1099 screen:






Mount the 1099 forms in the printer you have selected for printing.



Press ENTER to print a test alignment.

Press F2 to bypass the alignment and begin printing the forms.

Press F3 to restart printing.

If you press ENTER for a test alignment, a test alignment will print on the forms mounted in the printer you selected.Make sure the forms are aligned before continuing.

If you press F2 the test alignment will be bypassed and the forms will begin printing.

If you stopped the printing and need to restart it at a particular vendor, press F3.A screen will display asking for the next vendor code.Enter the code and the rest of the forms will begin printing to the printer.


A screen will display asking if the forms have all printed correctly. If they have, enter Y.If not, enter N to restart the printing.

If you answer Y to the question about whether the forms have printed correctly, the program will end and you will be returned to the menu.

If you answer N, the printing will be restarted.


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