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Inland Bill of Lading Delivery/Consignee Information

Inland BOL Delivery/Consignee Information Screen



The BOL Delivery/Consignee Information screen let you enter the Consignee and location information that will print on the BOL.



The followoing table explains the fields on the Inland BOL Delivery/Consignee Information screen.  This screen pops up after the Bill Freight to field.  You can also display the screen by entering CONS in the Action field.


Field Name

Data Entry


01 Consign/Addr

Enter the consignee code in the first field and the address number in the second field. If you would like to enter a cosignee that is not set up with a code, you can press the Space Bar to skip the fields and enter the name and address in the lines below.

This is the shipment consignee’s name and address.

02 Location

Enter the FIRMS location code, or you may skip this field. If you enter a code, the location description will display in the next field.  If you skip the code, you can enter a location description.

This is the location code where the goods will be picked up by the truck carrier.  If you enter a location code and or a location description, this information will print in the “AT” box on the BOL form.


Enter UR to update the fields and move to the next screen.

The next screen displays.


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