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FIRMS Codes screen:



U.S. Customs maintains a list of valid FIRMS codes that must be reported as part of the U.S. import transaction. Customs makes these FIRMS codes available for query via the ABI interface. The CHB software lets you submit requests, either by entering a specific Firms Code or Facility Name and District Port code.

Note: A beginning date can be entered to narrow the query results.






Select the FIRMS Codes button from the Output to ABI Reference Files screen.

The FIRMS Codes screen will display.


If you know the FIRMS code, enter it in the FIRMS Code field.

If you do not know the FIRMS code, you may skip this field and enter the Name of Facility and District Code to help Customs find the correct code.


In the Name of Facility field, enter the name of the facility.



In the District Code field, enter the first two digits of the District/Port Code.

Press F4 to look up the correct District Code, if necessary.


Click on the OK to process the query. Click on Cancel to return to the previous screen without making a query.

When you select OK, the program will begin processing your query.


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